The innagural match of ISL was held from 4th - 5th October in Indianapolis and finished with winning by Energy Standard!

In fantastic race for first 4 points between Energy Standard and Cali Condors, the first won by heroic performance from our capitans!

Male MVP

Chad Le Clos, Energy Standard - 43 points

Female MVP

Sarah Sjostrom, Energy Standard - 55,5 points

Final Club Standings:

Energy Standard - 539 points
Cali Condors - 457 points
DC Trident - 330,5 points
Aqua Centurions - 300,5 points

Club Scoring Through Match 1

Energy Standard - 4
Cali Condors - 3
DC Trident - 2
Aqua Centurions - 1

With the result you can click on by links:

Day 1

Day 2

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